Early cancer detection


Our ambition is to distill the vast and ever increasing complexity of medical data and research into simple tools which make doctors better, smarter and more efficient, so they can focus on giving their patients the best care possible.

To make this vision a reality, PinPoint has begun by developing a test to quickly triage patients with vague symptoms, and ensure patients are routed to the correct pathway improving both their experience and their time to diagnosis.


Early cancer detection has the capacity to save lives and reduce the cost of treatment


Our vision is that in future most cancer patients will be cured without experiencing any of the symptoms of cancer or the side effects of treatment.

The PinPoint Test will use an innovative machine learning approach to combine information from multiple cancer biomarkers and patient information into a single, cost-effective test. This more complete picture of the underlying cancer biology will give doctors, in primary and secondary care, a decision support tool to easily identify those patients who should be referred to specialists for cancer diagnosis.  


“Pinpoint technology will reduce the number of unnecessary, invasive and costly investigative procedures currently burdening GPs, hospitals and patients.”